Boxers Are The Best

Boxers are the Best!

Oh Behave Dog School

Duke Lucas is an adorable, exuberant, ball of energy. I never did find a treat he was willing to eat. I'm hopeful that with time and exercise, he will be able to focus. He is the most playful dog that I have worked with in a long time!


Does Your Dog Really Know What Sit Means?

Does your dog really know what sit mean, or is it heavily context oriented? 
Here are some fun tests you can do with your dog.
1. Ask your dog to sit when he is in a "down" position.
2. Sit cross legged on the floor with your hands between your legs and ask for a sit.
3. Turn your back to your dog and ask for a sit.
4. Ask your dog to sit when it's on the bed.
5. Walk away from the dog and ask for a sit.
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