What Oh Behave! Offers

Written by Candee Teitel on . Posted in General

Any puppy can become a loveable, loving companion if properly socialized and trained. And, no matter what his breed or breeding, any puppy can become a doggy delinquent if not properly socialized and trained.

Appropriate training is the single biggest factor in determining how closely the dog will approach your view of a lovable, loving, companion.

We practice hands-off, positive, dog-friendly training methods based on the scientific principles of learning theory. Our specialty is training dogs through a series of positive reinforcement techniques, focusing on building strong relationships with dogs and their owners.

I give you the tools and the knowledge to use them so that you will know how to manage future situations before they become problematic.

Basic Information on my Program:

All lessons are one on one private lessons

Once a week for 4 weeks, you pick the time and date for each lesson. People with changing schedules can be easily accommodated.

Every dog/human interaction is unique. I tailor my training to modify the dog’s behavior, based upon the client’s definition of “appropriate behavior”.

I have been training for 25+ yrs., both companion dog training and AKC Obedience venues. I use positive reinforcement.

I would be training you to train your dog, so that at the end of the 4 week sessions, you will know how to redirect your dog’s problem behaviors if they pop up.

We will work on the following behaviors: sit, stay, down, come, walk on a leash without pulling, no biting, no excessive barking, no jumping up, and I also teach "leave it", which can apply to the food on your plate, another dog, or pills that you may have dropped on the floor.

These are just the basic behaviors, and we will of course address the problem behaviors that are particular to your dog.

My studio is set up like a room in your home, so that the dog learns how to behave in the type of environment that he will be living in.

I have training slots available Monday - Friday, both day and evening classes. Weekend slots are given on an “as needed basis”.

I also offer board and train on a limited basis for dogs who either are or have participated in the program.

All lessons are one on one private lessons.

Following our initial lesson, we would decide whether or not we want to work together. If we choose not wish continue, you only owe me for that lesson. If you wish to continue, we will set up the next 3 lessons at times and dates that are convenient for you, and you would pay me upfront.

Family members, partners, roommates, and children are all strongly encouraged to participate.

I look forward to hearing from you.